The G Series

Photo Credit: @ThisCannabisFarm

Key Features

  • Custom engineered for high snow and wind loads.
  • Ideal for commercial applications with gutter connected options.
  • Considered a ‘Dry House’ due to it’s built-in condensate controls.
  • With available ridge vent and side vents, this structure can cool passively.
  • Glazed with polycarbonate, making for a more secure structure.
  • Side and end walls can be glazed with twin wall and roof glazed in polycarbonate, making for a very stealth looking greenhouse.
  • Available with FFG’s AutoFlower automated light deprivation kit with manual override.
  • Can be glazed with sheet metal and insulated, creating a connected processing facility, head house, office, or warehouse.
  • Comes 18′, 24′, 30′, 36′, and 42′ wide.
Light Deprivation Forever Flowering

The G Series Details

  • Ladder-style trussing and columns comprised of 2" square steel
  • 12′ on center column and truss spacing allow for more light, growth, and movement
  • Eave height: 10′, 12′, and 14′.
  • Compatible with the FFG Autoflower Kit

The G Series is a Flowering Powerhouse

Designed for commercial applications, this engineered greenhouse is your first step towards producing staggering yields all year long.

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