The Autoflower Kit

The AutoFlower Kit

The AutoFlower Kit is FFG’s signature Automated Blackout Curtain System for Light Deprivation Technology.

The AutoFlower Kit


The AutoFlower Kit is FFG’s signature Automated Blackout Curtain System for Light Deprivation Technology.

In 2006, FFG became the first industry-exclusive greenhouse company in the world, bringing commercial automated blackout systems to our industry, the Autoflower kit

No more pulling tarps by hand!

For maximum ventilation while Blacked Out.

Designed to fit the Northern Latitude, Original Gardener, and Licensed Producer Greenhouses Series.

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Up your game with automated light deprivation technology

  • Manual override included for power outages
  • Extreme energy efficiency
  • Comes with FFG’s Multi Layer Breathable Blackout Fabric and 100% Blackout Seals
  • Controlled by Agrowtek Control Systems
  • AFK System is designed to fit in FFG’s Northern Latitude, Licensed Producer, and Original Gardener Series greenhouses


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The Standard Kit

Invest in an automated light deprivation system that you can depend on! FFG’s Standard Light Deprivation Kit gives you the freedom and security of knowing that your garden’s photocycle is exactly what it needs to be, eliminating the need for you to pull heavy tarps over your greenhouses twice per day. Enjoy the freedom and convenience of an automated system. Your garden will thank you!

The Standard Kit Includes:

  • FFG’s exclusive Breathable Blackout Curtains
  • 100% Blackout Seals
  • Tie-Bars and Rods
  • Equipment Hanging Bars
  • Agrowtek’s Motor Controller and Timer

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The Deluxe Kit

FFG’s Deluxe Light Deprivation System adds amazing functionality to the already convenient Standard Kit. Designed for the Pro Gardener that wants to bring their garden to a whole new level, the Deluxe Kit takes airflow into consideration by promoting constant ventilation while blacked out. FFG knows how important CO2 off-gassing during night is, and the added components that make up the Deluxe Kit ensure that your plants will breathe, day and night.

The Deluxe Kit Includes Everything in the Standard Kit plus:

  • FFG’s Breathable Walls to cover fans and shutters for maximum air exchange when your blackout cover is closed
  • Automation for Ridge Vent and Roll Up Walls
  • Upgraded End Walls to “Light-Dep Ready”
  • Agrotek’s Touchscreen Controller Unit
  • Outdoor Weather Monitoring (For enhanced control of your End Walls and Ridge Vents)
  • Light Level Control for your lighting and the ability to run multiple structures


Call 1-888-784-4687 for more info!

The AutoFlower Kit fits in both 4’ OC and 6’ OC Northern Latitude Structure

The AutoFlower Kit fits 6’ & 12’OC Licensed Producer and Original Gardener Structures

Non-Code 24’ wide has 11’ vertical clearance under blackout for Northern Latitude

Non code 30′ wide has 9’ 6” vertical clearance under blackout for Northern Latitude

Original Gardener and Licensed Producer vertical clearance will vary depending on eave height

“Light Dep Ready” End Walls are twin wall poly-carbonate from the ground to the blackout roof and polycarbonate from the blackout roof to the ridge, allowing maximum light penetration


FFG supplies breathable Blackout and non-breathable Blackout Tarps, Wire, and monofilament for Manual Blackout Designs in addition to our Autoflower Kits

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Please contact us if you need engineered stamped plans for permitted structures.


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