Rolling Benches

Rolling Benches

Convenience and Strength

Rolling benches have one of the quickest ROIs of any equipment that you will add to your greenhouse or indoor grow. A more appropriate name would be rolling top benches as the ‘feet’ of the tables are securely fastened to the ground and it is the top of the bench that rolls from one side to the other.

In traditional agriculture the plants are on the ground creating a need for multiple walkways to access plants throughout the greenhouse. When plants are on the ground, heat loss to the Earth causes the bottoms of the plants to cool faster at night, it creates a hardship for the backs of the farmers tending to the plants and the walkways created in between rows of plants can accumulate to 20%-30% the footprint of the structure.

With rolling benches, walkways are drastically reduced as the benches can be moved from one side to the other allowing simple access to any row of plants in the structure and creating 20%-25% more space to put plants instead of walkways when compared to plants on the ground. Less walkways and more plants equals more yield per square foot at harvest time

Optional bench heights allow you to choose how high off the ground you want the plant so that the farmer does not have to bend over to work creating for a much more efficient and ergonomic work environment.


Having the benches raised off the ground also creates a space to put radiant bench heating systems directly under your plants allowing the most important part of the plant, the rootzone, to be heated more effectively with minimal supplemented heat being lost to the ground.

When rolling benches are combined with a ‘flood and drain’ style table top, our recommendation of use, all water and nutrient and water run off are easily captured and drained to waste or reuse. By using this methodology of waste elimination it replaces the need for costly concrete slabs allowing you to put your investment dollars in places that are more wisely spent.

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