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Top Tier Greenhouse Cover Roll

Forever Flowering’s Top-Tier polyweave greenhouse fabrics are much more durable than any type of greenhouse plastic sheet or film providing for many more years of continuous use and less impact on our landfills. Films magnify Sunlight creating hot spots on your plants encouraging insects and diseases to be present. FFG’s top tier greenhouse fabrics have an 87% transmission, are UVB resistant, have a condensation coating on the inside and offer the highest level of diffusion available, allowing the light to penetrate deeper into the canopy and create more of an indoor look to the finished product. It can be used to cover any structure and is available in precut sizes, rolls or custom cut requests.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


15'x500', 20'x300', 25'x300', 40'x300', 45'x200', 55'x200'

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