At Forever Flowering, we pride ourselves on making ventilation a top priority. Our systems utilize passive cooling as our first stage by integrating our ridge vents and side vents to allow hot moist air to escape the structure passively. By using a combination of passive air movement and Schaefer fans our greenhouse design will save you money on operating costs as well as elongating the lifespan of fans, shutters and cooling systems. Ventilation should not be overlooked, and we partner with Schaefer to bring growers the best options on the market.

If you need a robust and versatile solution for exhausting moderate amounts of air at a reasonable price, look no further than Schaefer polyethylene exhaust fans. These high quality fans are built with rugged polyethylene housings, TEAO motors and polypropylene fan blades for exceptional durability and long life.

Schaefer polyethylene exhaust fans provide an energy efficient and cost effective solution for exhausting air and moisture from a diverse range of facilities including warehouses, garages, greenhouses and more.

Features and Benefits:

  • Polyethylene construction for corrosion resistant and effortless cleaning
  • Energy efficient, maintenance free motor for both time and money savings
  • Direct drive
  • Motor and blade combination designed for best-in-class performance
  • Integrated PVC or aluminum shutters
  • Designed to be flush mounted with interior walls up to 10″ thick for use in a broad range of facilities
  • Ships fully assembled for ease of installation
  • 25 year housing warranty
  • Two year product warranty
  • Made in the USA
Weight N/A

20” (3,533 CFM), 24” (7,200 CFM)

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