Exhaust fan w/Built-In Light Trap Housing


These fans help mitigate many of the challenges growers face, with regard to humidity, air-flow and light transmission. They’re designed to work in conjunction with Forever Flowering’s Breathable Walls to block out unwanted exposure to light, while at the same time, creating an environment with optimal airflow so cultivators have ideal control over their crops.

Key Benefits:

  • Specifically designed with housings to facilitate the use of shutters
  • Designed to work with Forever Flowering Greenhouses Breathable Wall which is included

These fans are designed to work in conjunction with your Breathable Walls to create optimal airflow without letting without letting in light leaks. Breathable Walls are included with these fans.

Utilize the Breathable Wall in an indoor grow room to replace light-deadening ducting that also decreases airflow. When used indoors, the Breathable Wall can be used to separate rooms into different photoperiods without the need for individual ventilation systems.

Simply install the Breathable Wall in one room on your exhaust fan, separate the rooms with another unit of the Breathable Wall and put one on your intake vent. The exhaust fan will pull the air from one room into the other, reducing the amount of equipment and controllers needed to run multiple rooms. Its rigid flush mount frame makes for easy installation while its available adaptor plate allows for a quick connection to smell cleansing filters.

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

36” (9,890 CFM), 42” (14,250 CFM), 48” (20,500 CFM), 54” (31,300 CFM)

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