Greenhouse Coverings

Greenhouse Coverings

Greenhouse Coverings

Top-Tier Greenhouse Polyweave Fabric

Protect your crop year round from the intensity of the summer sun, rain, and frost! Order your *waterproof*, UV stabilized, diffused, polyweave greenhouse season extending fabric now!

  • 9 Mil Poly Weave Fabric
  • High Impact & Tear Resistant
  • 85% Avg. Light Transmission
  • 65% Avg. Light Diffusion
  • Anti-Fog, Anti-Condensation Coated
  • UV Stabilized
  • Waterproof

Our Top-Tier polyweave Greenhouse Fabric is much tougher than any plastic sheet or film, allowing for many years of continuous use, whereas films create hot spots. FFG’s top tier greenhouse fabrics are diffused, allowing the light to penetrate deeper into the canopy and create more of an indoor look to the finished product. It can be used to cover any structure and is available in rolls or custom cut dimensions. It can be used to cover any structure, providing light diffusion while allowing more light through than most materials. 


What Is Light Diffusion? 

An optical property that is caused by the interaction of particles with the light rays.  This phenomenon is very important in greenhouses since it determines the actual amount of photosynthetic light available for the plants by controlling the amount of light scattering within the greenhouse.  Diffused light reduces shadows in the greenhouse allowing lower leaves of plants to be exposed to light.

  • Recent field studies show that diffused fabric reduces plant stress by bringing down both the leaf surface temperature and soil temperature in a way that is not possible with most Translucent or Clear Greenhouse covers.
  • While ambient air temperatures remain high, the photosynthesis process is not interrupted when the inside air temperature goes above 90 degrees fahrenheit.
  • Light Diffusion is one of the single biggest factors to success and high quality yield in Greenhouse growing year-round.


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