DryGair Dehumidifiers

DryGair Dehumidifiers

Patent Protected Dehumidification Concept

Optimal Consistent Climate Conditions

DryGair efficiently controls the climate inside your greenhouse. The air distribution concept creates uniformity and homogeneous conditions throughout the greenhouse, creating the uniform conditions that are essential to a commercial grower. Dehumidification is a key component to a successful grow, and Drygair is unsurpassed in the field.

Humidity Control

The main objective of the DryGair concept is to control humidity levels. DryGair condenses the water from the greenhouses humid air and throws it back warmer and drier above the plants. Humidity is responsible for 40%-70% of the energy used in greenhouses which constitutes a significant part of the grower’s operational expenses. Dehumidification cannot be overlooked in this competitive market.

Reduce the Need for Pesticides

DryGair maintains the required humidity level inside the greenhouse, thus preventing diseases, mold, fungi, and insects that thrive in moist conditions, reducing the need for pesticides and fungicides. User proper dehumidification technology to help keep expensive and debilitating problems from arising.

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