Forever Flowering Greenhouses and Light Dep

Founded in sustainability and reduction of carbon footprints FFG supplies only the highest quality products to lower your monthly overhead while ensuring large yields and top quality flowers, vegetables and herbs. Forever Flowering's engineering is backed by over 40 years of experience and all of our structures meet strict NGMA greenhouse standards. Our professional grade greenhouses are constructed using sturdy designs and can withstand high wind and snow loads.


Greenhouse Heaters Help Year-Round Production

The Greenhouse Heaters are on high right now.  It’s currently snowing here at our demo greenhouses in Grass Valley, CA.  Typically,…

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Strategies for a Warm Winter Greenhouse

One of the most vulnerable times for a greenhouse is a winter night.  So, as fall winds down, the need…

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winter Greenhouse

Get Ahead of the Curve — Plan Your Winter Greenhouse Setup

The advantages of having a winter greenhouse are obvious when it’s cold outside.  A winter greenhouse extends the growing season for…

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Breathable Wall available in many sizes to fit various configurations

Breathable Wall Promotes Max Airflow for Light Dep

One common thread between indoor and light dep greenhouse growers is the need to move high volumes of air through…

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Light Dep

When Light Leaks in a Light Dep Are a Big Deal (And When They Aren’t)

Light leaks within the light deprivation world aren’t as big of a deal as they are for indoor growers. Indoor growers…

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How to Setup Your Greenhouse for Proper Heating and Cooling

Preparing for Greenhouse Setup Grading, piping, gravel, concrete and electrical preparation all help you get ready for the greenhouse. Concrete…

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Pick the Best Greenhouse Cover PLUS Nail Your Natural Ventilation for Summer

Summer Greenhouse Setup The sealed winter greenhouse should give way to a more open and naturally ventilated greenhouse during the…

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4 Factors to Review Before Buying a Greenhouse Frame

If you’re planning on buying a greenhouse, it seems like common sense to start with the frame but there are other…

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This gentleman insisted that he didn’t want roll up side walls. He did all the calculations and decided to go…

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earth med2

Dragonfly Earth Medicine

In a different moment in my life I used to spend all day on my farm, Sudarshan Botanical Sanctuary. From…

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